Task Tracker

We always had a feeling that we usually spend too much time with certain projects. In the absence of exact numbers we never knew if it's true or not. After researching for existing task tracking software we realized there is no perfect application for our needs. We have been using it since 2008.04.01. and we are satisfied. We think if it fits to us, it will fit to many other freelancers. Why not try? It's free.

How does it work?

After you type in your username and password, your personal xml is loaded from our server. This contains all your existing timesheet data. You can create new projects with new tasks, or you can modify existing ones. Make sure you save your modifications before you close the application to avoid any data loss. During the saving operation a dark grey box hides the entire app window. If it disappears the saving operation was successful - you can continue managing your tasks. On the date chooser other target days can be selected. From the menu on the top you can choose 'Statistics' option to sort your data several ways and copy it to clipboard or also send to a specific e-mail address.

In case you loose internet connection while working with Lazydrone you can still fill out your sheet, just make sure to leave the application open until you are next online so you can save it.

Why download?

1) Better be on dock as a seperate application what you always can reach easily, than be on some tab of your browser.

2) In the case of a browser crash your lazydrone is still alive

Download Lazydrone with the Flash projector here.