Version: 0.9.17

Full Pack (Projector & Application): (mac) / (pc)

Application: lazydronemotor.swf (right click > save as)

Download and unzip files. Put lazydrone app to a comfortable folder so you can easily find them next time (/Applications/Lazydrone/). After you start the application with authentication will be required. Pick a username and password, do not forget them! An empty xml structure will be created for you on the lazydrone server. This is for storing your timesheet data. Next time use the same username and password. The user interface is easy to learn, but if you are confused, read this.

The 'projector' part of the package is a simple flash projector.

You may get an alert message from Flash standalone player for allowing the local app to access our server. Go there and add the local path of Lazydrone app to the trusted file list